The Daily Mail UK reportedly found photos of the 26-year-old on a Nashville escort site.

Reports cannot confirm if this is the real Katie Quackenbush, for example, the photos of the person and the account holder may be different.

The account is under the name of Presley Scott, offering $800 an hour. According to the Daily Mail UK, the photos appeared on another site called glamour models with the pseudo-name 'Bubbles.'

Her ex Ian McGrath reported to the newspaper that she had a 'superiority complex' and wasn't surprised by the charges brought forth.

Her father Jesse Quackenbush talked to the Daily Mail Online stating,

'The next day they're hearing in the news that police are looking for two blonde females who shot a homeless man,' Mr. Quackenbush continued.

Upon his advice, his daughter contacted police and handed in the gun which, her father said, she has for self-protection, he said.

She has a five-year-old son who, despite 'struggling to make a living', she puts through private school.

He believes she is being unfairly prosecuted and that authorities are intentionally ignoring any threat Melton may have posed.

'The guy's obviously schizophrenic in the opinion of my daughter and her friend and other people,' Mr. Quackenbush said.

Quackenbush, 26, is an aspiring singer in the Nashville area. Two years ago she put out a music video called "Midnight Revival" and another video of her 'Rapping.'

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