Today, 3/14, is Pi day. The celebration of everything 3.14159 . . . was founded by eccentric physicist Larry Shaw in 1988. Then, in 2009, the US House of Representatives passed a motion to officially recognize Pi Day. Of course, we recognize Pie Day every day. 

So what does one do on Pi Day? Well, in 2004 savant Daniel Tammet broke a world record by reciting Pi from memory. But if such computations make your head spin, it’s perfectly acceptable to celebrate Pi Day with the backed goods that most of us first think of when we hear the word “Pi.”

In fact, Princeton, NJ, which is the epicenter for Pi Day, marks the occasion with a pie eating contest. (March 14th also happens to be former Princeton resident Albert Einstein’s birthday, which helps to bolster the city’s claim to the day.)

So if that’s good enough for Princeton, it’s good enough for us. But since you can’t really arrange a pie eating contest through cyberspace, we’ve instead rounded up some photos of  pies you’d rather look at then eat. Check them out below.