How many of you ran right out and saw "Rock Of Ages".  Good.  I would have personally came to your house and kicked you in the nuts for even wanting to see it. Even as cheeseball as it looks it pulled in $15,000,000 opening weekend (I think that's enough to pay the monkey's salary). So how do you take a hunk of cheese like this and make it better?  We'll have the answer after the jump.

My Mom (nearing 80) went to see "Rock of Ages".  She hated it.  Oh no, it's not because of the music.  She actually saw the Broadway Play version and loved it, she just thought the movie version was a p.o.s.  Apparently the stage version is a bit darker and sleazier.  Well, if making it darker is the key to making it better, why not take the director of "Twin Peaks", "Blue Velvet" and "Eraserhead" have a shot at it.  Here's the trailer for "Rock Of Ages" recut as if directed by David Lynch: