There's a lot of choices coming to theaters this weekend and I have the trailers for you.  It's everything from witches to gangsters to slapstick comedy.  Get the butter and get ready I have details after the jump.


Three big movies and one possible sleeper hit make their way to the multiplexes this weekend.  First up is "Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters"  Jeremy Renner once again picks up a bow (he's "Hawkeye" in "The Avengers") alongside the hopelessly sexy Gemma Arterton.  Here's the preview:

Up next is the smash up comedy "Movie 43".  The movie apparently is a collection of comedy skits like Saturday Night Live, but hopefully funnier.  There's a lot of big name Hollywood stars in this one.  Check out all of the familiar faces in this clip (be warned, the clip is 'red band' and may feature profanity and/or nudity) :

Next up is the new Jason Statham movie "Parker".  Statham portrays a criminal who's looking to get even with the guys that double crossed him. This one looks like action out the wazoo:

and in very limited release (in fact you may be more likely to find it "On Demand" is "John Dies at the End".  This is the latest from director Don Coscarelli who did the criminally underseen "Bubba Ho-Tep".  The trailer looks WILD.  Check it out: