I loved the original "Fright Night".  It mixed comedy with some genuinely scaring ideas.  Seriously, who would you call for help if you thought a vampire was eating your neighborhood?  The remake, sorry to say, is better than the original.  The original mixed a little goofy with a little scary, the remake mixes really funny with very scary.  More after the jump.

There's no real spoilers in this story, so don't worry.  The story for both "Fright Night"s is simple.  A teen thinks a vampire has moved in next door and no one (not even the cops) believes him.  In the original he try's to get help from a late night horror t.v. host.  In the remake it's a Vegas Magician who incorporates some dark magic stuff into his act (Imagine Chris Angel mixed with comedian Russell Brand). That's about why you need to know about the story, expect that Christopher Mintz-Platz (McLovin' from "Superbad".  plays a rockin' little roll as a supporting character.

No horror movie is ever going to be respected the way a mainstream film is and comedy/horror is a very specific genre.  This one carries both ends of the spectrum very well.  I usually rate horror movies based on their standing as a horror movie, and not as a move overall.  I've got to give "Fright Night" a 4.5 out of 5 Nightmares only because the other movies I've rated were pretty much pure horror.  It's a good time, and will probably play LIKE CRAZY once it hits cable.  Right now you can catch it on the premium channels.

Now keep in mind, that the trailer builds this up much more on the 'scary side"; I really want to stress that this movie is a lot of fun too.

Here's the trailer:

Here's a cool little clip with "McLovin'" in it

Here's the trailer for the original movie