I hope you got to catch my review of Prometheus (in a word: AWESOME).  I only go to the movies for movies that 'deserve' to be seen on the big screen.  By "deserve" I mean huge scenic vistas, larger than life stuff, and of course, to avoid spoilers.  While taking in Prometheus I noticed a lineup of classic films that are going to play short (in some cases just one night) engagements at the theater. Some, absolutely, positively deserve to be seen on the big screen. More after the jump.

Except for a crackle in one speaker, the sound for Prometheus was almost overwhelming (and I've been going to concerts forever).  So a humongous screen and dynamite sound would definitely make it worthwhile to catch some classics at the theater. It turns out due to a lack of advertising that we've missed, the Exorcist, Cool Hand Luke and others, but there is still one certifiable pipe-layer on the docket. On July 11th, for one night only, both Cinemark and Tinseltown will have showing of the digitally restored Stanley Kubrick masterpiece "A Clockwork Orange" .  Some will love the film, some will hate it, but at least you'll know why people dress like this for Halloween (and shouldn't you dress up to see this anyways, my droogies?)