I had a chat with a listener once.  He said he had just seen Tool and he felt like he'd never need to ever see a concert again. He found the experience so awesome and so unmatchable it was just pointless to even try.  That is how I feel about Prometheus.  More after the jump.


Here's the deal, "Alien" was basically a horror movie in space.  There's a  hell of a lot of that in Prometheus, but it's a little more Sci-Fi/Fantasy.  I don't want to spoil anything for anybody so I'm going to be a little short on details here and talk more about the experience than the movie.  There's monsters and gross out stuff and freaky stuff that will stick in your brain for maybe your lifetime.  The effects are amazing because even though so many things are oversize they don't look like digital effects, matte paintings or whatever is used to cut corners these days.  There are certain movies that MUST be seen on the big screen (and I didn't see it in 3d either).  Sure you won't have a problem following the story on your home theater, but the space vistas, ship interiors, and Charlize Theron's butt in a space suit were all made to see on a giant screen.  My guess is the movie only will only be in theaters for another week or two, and now is a great time to check it out because there won't be many people in the theater to distract you.  I give this move five plus out of five "Nightmares".  This movie is amazing. The trailer below is a bit better than the one I originally saw, but there so much they can't show you because it would spoil the movie. Check it out:

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