KTRK reported early Tuesday morning (March 16th) that the Houston Police Department responded to a grisly scene at The Palace Inn Hotel.

According to KTRK, hotel owner Raj Das alerted authorities to the discovery of the body of a Hispanic male in his 30s. The man's head was cut off and "multiple" limbs were missing, according to a member of the Houston PD's homicide division.

The hotel owner reportedly knocked on the door of a customer that had not checked out of their hotel room on time. The customer didn't answer, so the owner decided to open the door. Upon entering, he was met with the body of the victim, who was not the person renting the hotel.

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Das told KTRK that no guests reported suspicious activity or loud noises and that none of the cameras caught anything out of the ordinary saying,

"No one busted down the door. There wasn't any other activity," he told the publication. "Anybody that entered the room entered with a key, and they let them in."

Police have begun a further investigation into the death and are considering the possibility of an altercation between multiple people. According to KTRK's report, police believe the murder happened sometime between 9 a.m. and midnight after two men and a woman entered the hotel room.

The Houston Police Department is on the lookout right now for the man who was checked into that hotel room and others who may be driving a black SUV and a blue Hyundai sedan with temporary plates.

We will continue to offer updates on this case as they become available.

If you have any information regarding this investigation, please contact the Houston Police Department by phone or in-person.

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