Post Malone has his own branded line of Crocs and is going out of his way to give them out for free to healthcare workers, according to an article by

In gift-giving, it's the thought that truly counts, so we will overlook the fact that he is gifting Crocs. As much as I hate those ugly shoes, I've heard they are very comfortable for people on their feet all day. I used to work with a few chefs that swore by them in the kitchen. I could never and likely will never talk myself into buying a pair, much less sliding my foot into one just to try it out.

I can't get past the thought of your dirty, sweaty bare feet needing ventilation holes for all the swampy, slip-sliding around that MUST happen in those plastic monstrosities. Gross.

Anyway, my feelings on those dreadful shoes don't really matter. My shoes aren't much better. Maybe I'm just jealous. Who knows? Maybe If I bought a pair of Crocs, people would like me more and I wouldn't have to continue to buy myself my own birthday cake or line up my teddy bears for evening discussions that should take place with real people...

But I digress.

A big shout out to Post Malone for caring about the men and women that have cared so deeply for us in the last year. Even though Crocs are the lamest shoes in the world, you did your best, and I'm sure at least one person appreciates their new swanky pair.

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