Vogue College of Cosmetology of Lubbock is no stranger to controversy and was last under fire when a head educator had her employment terminated in February, leading to a student walk-out and protest.

The educator who was terminated, Amber Solis, offered a message of encouragement to outraged students and asked that they "continue to get the education that is going to have them succeed in a career they have chosen."

In the months following the student walk-out, things at the cosmetology school have gone from bad to worse, according to another educator who was recently let go after she filed a report for assault against an unnamed operations manager.

The Lubbock police report from June 12, 2019 states that the victim, Melissa Lopez, walked into the department and reported the incident to the police desk, but that the incident occurred at the Vogue College located on 34th Street.

Lopez told police that she is an instructor at the school, and while she was in her classroom, an operations manager got angry with her. That's when the manager reportedly approached Lopez in an aggressive manner and grabbed her by the left forearm. Lopez told police that she was not injured, but felt threatened by the manager.

Police attempted to locate the accused, but were unable to do so according to the report.

We spoke to Lopez about the report filed with police and her employment being terminated following the incident. She was very upset about how she was treated in front of students who are there to receive an education. She said she feels that the owner should have addressed her complaint, but says that instead, she was fired. The reason cited was that it would be best if the two parties went their separate ways.

The list of allegations made by Lopez against Vogue College of Cosmetology are not only concerning, but might also have implications that could affect the legitimacy of the credits received for classes and the licensing of students once they complete the curriculum.

We will continue to follow this story and make updates here as more information is learned.

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