Last night Texas Tech played TCU…It was a great game! Just being in Jones AT&T Stadium is amazing! I mean Texas Tech was voted as Top 10 Worst Stadiums for Away Fans to Visit and I don’t blame them because of people can get too out of control.

I'm just going to get the bad out of the way!

Yes it was a very intense game and yea there were some bad calls made but some of the students didn’t need to take the bleachers off. That happened about 3 different times…A section of students took the seating of the bleacher off, then another section of students took the back off the bleachers, and of course a couple rows behind me students took off the back part!


Now that I’m over with that part lets get to some good things…I honestly think that during the 4th Quarter of the game our fans made a huge difference to our players and they pulled out a WIN! With having over 58,000 people there was just awesome! The noise and confidence we put into our team really helped and shows that we do care!

(Here's a Video I took of what was going on in Jones AT&T stadium)

Oh, Kliff did a great job…As usual! =)

Texas Tech Football games are always a blast and what better way to go to the game with friends and family...


Well that was another win for Texas Tech now its time to move on to the next game that’s coming up on September 21st against Texas State!!


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