With 10 returning starters on offense and seven on the defensive side of the ball, the Red Raiders are looking to get back on track after a 2014 season full of growing pains.

One of the biggest question marks is just how much the defense will be improved under new defensive coordinator David Gibbs' rule. Look for an emphasis on forcing turnovers as well as more aggressive play overall, especially from those players who are returning.

Another big question mark will be just how Patrick Mahomes will adjust between baseball and football, as he's involved with both fully. Davis Webb is obviously still around, so it'll be interesting to see how those two play it out as the spring continues.

After a rough year last year, it's hard to see anything but positives for the 2015 season, but it all comes down to how the team starts, and all indications reveal the Red Raiders jumped out of the gate earlier this week.


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