The last minute in Saturday night's men's basketball game at the United Spirit Arena was nothing less than bizarre. A key, signature win for Tubby Smith's program is the highlight of the night, as the behavior from Marcus Smart is the antithesis.

As ESPN's Andy Katz recalled, he's never seen anything like this in 20+ years of covering college basketball, and many could probably relate. Marcus Smart's actions have declined in the recent weeks and hit rock bottom tonight here in Lubbock. In the closing seconds, Tech had a chance to score on a fast break; as Jaye Crockett went up for a dunk, Marcus Smart fouled Crockett and fell into the crowd. In the instance that he was helped up by a couple of fans, something was obviously said to Smart that sent him into a violent aggression, causing a shove to be sent to a fan's chest. Smart was not ejected, only given a technical.

On the other hand, Texas Tech played a fantastic game and showed the character needed to move in the right direction. Coach Smith coached a great game, as many players that usually don't see heavy rotation proved their worth completely.

Most importantly, the crowd at the USA was absolutely amazing. 15,000+ filed in for the first sellout since 2007.

In all, the evening featured a gigantic victory for the Red Raiders, and actions that will fuel headlines for days.