I really wanted the headline of this story to be different. I was going to go with "What the Hell Is Wrong With You People?" Let me explain the goofiness that is going on out there.

We have this thing going on called a "pandemic." We're back at about 100 people sick a day, we're at about 800 dead, and we just think it's fine and dandy that Governor Greg Abbott has taken away all local control to mitigate this public health issue on a local level. Okay, I get it. You want 100 percent freedom, so you get it -- and you might get COVID-19, too.

Meanwhile, the Big 12 starts to implode because a couple of greedy colleges see a chance at a bigger payday, and local "leaders" want the governor to intervene in that. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? What's it going to be? How can you be in favor of socialized sports (everybody does the work, everybody gets a share), but not socialized medicine (everybody gets a shot, and a lot fewer people die)?

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The way sports and money are prioritized over health and the ability of our local folks to do business is absolutely obscene. I generally don't even believe in arguing a topic this way, preferring to stay on the one point, but this is like we're living in crazy-town in insane-o-state.

So Mr. Bad TV Commentator, Mr. Sometimes-Mayor and Mr. Business-Moneyman, how about you pull up your frilly clown pants and fight for the health of Lubbock so there are warm bodies to attend the games? Your pleas to the governor on behalf of the Big 12 only show that you're in all this for the money and not for the people -- not even a little bit.

You said the quiet part out loud. and now everybody knows your priorities lie with cash, not people.

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