Sometimes really cool games come along that hardly anyone wants to pay for — An example is Rayman Origins, a divine platormer that got critics all hot and bothered but couldn’t find much in the way of sales. It’s rare that games that struggle to sell get sequels, but it looks like the hop-happy, limbless hero will get to make another go of it.

According to a Kotaku tipster, Ubisoft may be well into development on the follow-up and adding ghosts, dragons and Greek mythology characters to the mix. Proving he’s not full of hot air, the guy provides images from the survey, conducted by marketing firm Arkenford.

When scoops like these pop up, there’s always the possibility that they’re photoshopped products of fan-fiction. But if you were a fan of Rayman Origins and hoping for a follow-up, now is the time to start getting your hopes up.

[Via Kotaku]