UPDATE: It’s official: Seth Rogen and James Franco’s ‘The Interview’ is now available to stream on YouTube, Google PlayXbox Live and seetheinterview.com. Rental will cost only $6, with a $15 purchase price.

UPDATE #2: Variety is reporting that Netflix is in talks with Sony to make ‘The Interview’ available to stream for its subscribers. Unlike the above listed VOD details, the Netflix deal isn’t expected to begin day-and-date with the limited theatrical release, but at a later date. So, if you’re a Netflix subscriber, you can wait a few days and watch the film for free.

The original story follows...


Just last week it seemed possible that ‘The Interview‘ may never be seen anytime soon as Sony Pictures canceled the film’s theatrical release and claimed they had no immediate plans for a VOD debut. But, following yesterday’s news that ‘The Interview’ will run in select theaters on Christmas Day, we have some new details on Sony’s plans to simultaneously stream the film online.

CNN is reporting that Sony and Google have reached a tentative agreement to distribute ‘The Interview’ online as part of a YouTube and Google Play offering. Recode notes that, in addition to the Google rentals, Sony’s own video streaming platform, Crackle, will also be playing the film.

Sony had been in talks with Apple on a deal that would’ve made ‘The Interview’ available for rental on iTunes, but those talks have since broken down.

It would be a major coup for Google who has offered YouTube video rentals for the past two years with little brand awareness in a crowded marketplace (it took me a few minutes to even find their VOD offerings). It’s unclear how much either site will be charging. Currently Sony’s ‘The Equalizer’ is available for rental on YouTube for $14.99, but for a premium day-and-date title like ‘The Interview’, it may be priced at a more premium rate.

Both sites cautioned that the deals are still in the negotiation phase and could still breakdown. Reps for both Sony and Google declined to comment.

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