The year 2016 showed us it had every intention of proving what a *itch it was going to be by taking one great performer after another.

So far, 2017 seems eager to be just as painful.

News of the death of Chris Cornell has hit people really hard.

What makes it even worse is the news that his death has been ruled a suicide.

Many people make the mistake of thinking people who live their lives in the spotlight have it all.

What they don't think about is how isolated those people may be as well.

Are people really their friends for who they are away from the spotlight, or are they only there because of the spotlight.

There are just as many reasons being famous could cause a person to feel alone as there are reasons as to why it is seen as so fabulous.

One thing is certain, no one is out of the reach of loneliness and depression.

Until we remove the stigma of mental illness we will continue to lose people we love, whether we know them personally or through their craft.

RIP Chris


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