Rivers of Nihil is a "technical" metal band- that is, a band whose focus is on particulary challenging instrumentation and songwriting. As you can see from the video above- there is definitely some nostalgia for late 70s/ early 80s hard rock and metal. Or as the joke about modern metal goes- "My influences are Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath".

Don't let the look fool you though- Rivers of Nihil are definitely their own band and are coming into their own now, not ten or twenty years ago. Their most recent release Where Owls Know My Name, is perhaps their best.

Rivers of Nihil will be playing with Lorna Shore, Brand of Sacrifice, Crafting the Conspiracy and local support on Saturday, August 17 at Jake's Backroom (5025 50th). Tickets are available through Stubwire, or at the door.

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