If you have ever been to a rock show you know circle pits and mosh pits are generally all in good fun.

Granted, people are slamming into one another and many times end up bleeding and maybe even a broken bone or two.

But, once the pit breaks up, people are giving each other high fives, laughing and having a good time, enjoying the music that brought them all together.

If you've never been to a rock show you might expect a bunch of angry people who might shank you if you accidentally touch them.

Woody found out over the weekend that is not necessarily the case, that in fact pop fans are by far more aggressive and vicious than metal fans.

She and the girls were given tickets to Rock in Rio USA in Las Vegas for Friday and Saturday, so of course she ended up having to take them-you try telling three teenage girls you have tickets for the hottest pop stars on the planet right now but that you're not taking them.

She was not all that excited about Friday's featured artists which were Jesse J. Ed Sheeran, and Taylor Swift-not really her kind of music, the things we do for our kids though, right?

On the other hand she was looking forward to Saturday night, with Big Shawn, John Legend, and Bruno Mars, call it her guilty pleasure.

They soon found out pop fans are by far more "intense" than anyone she has encountered at a rock show.

When she called to tell me about the shows and what she witnessed, I had to laugh as I pictured the scenes of two very petite older women screaming at people to "back up off of them and stop touching them" (the people they were screaming at were a pregnant woman with another kid in a stroller).

She saw another woman pull a little girl off her moms back, not shoulders just her back because the little girls hair was blowing in her face.

And even a woman get into a fist fight with a dude wearing a SlipKnot shirt because he was singing along with John Legend too loud.

Who knew...

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