The RockStar Energy Drink Mayhem Fest will be announced tomorrow, so who's on the bill?  It seems to be everyone's guess that the headliner will be Slipknot (coming back for the 5th anniversary).  Taking up the second space will likely be Lamb of God.  After that, stuff gets sketchy, details after the jump.

After the "top 2" potential Mayhem bands are really "best guesses" at this point.  Mayhem sure seems to line up with everything Phil Anselmo's band Down is doing to this point.  If that happens you can probably count out Hellyeah.  Hellyeah would have been a good choice since they're wanting to come back heavier with the new album, but there's no way that Vinnie Paul will go on the same tour as Phil.

There are some strong indications that Five Finger Death Punch will join the tour, but it almost seems like a step back for them at this point. It's more likely that the festival will be fleshed out with metal bands like Dragonforce and Hatebreed.

The festival is set for Saturday July 7th in Albequerque,  the 10th in Dallas and the 18th in OKC.  The routing on the website looks funky, so this may change.

Remember, these are all guesses, the announcement is tomorrow!  For a complete list of dates near you, click here.

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