People in Lubbock are always complaining that we don't have enough healthy places to eat. Well, let's change that.

If you've been wanting a good place in the area to get a salad, this is your chance.

I've never tried Salata, but all my friends in the Dallas area are obsessed with it. They have so many options at their salad bar that will make you hungry just looking at it.

This would be a great easy and healthy option for Lubbock that so many people are looking for right now.

I've always wanted to know if they would come out here. I think we would pair good together and it would be great for me because they have spinach that I can eat. They have so many base options like kale, mix, Romaine, Argula and so much more, plus lots of toppings like vegetables, cheese, nuts and fruits.

If you want to make this happen, Salata is looking to come out here. I took it into my own hands to find out what Salata was thinking. The public relations team got back to me saying they're actually looking to come here.

"Thank you for inquiring about us coming to Lubbock! We believe we'd be a great fit for the market and are currently looking for a franchisee in your area. If you know of anyone - shoot them my way," said Julie Davie with the Salata team.

So if y'all know anyone looking to franchise, this is their chance. Let's make this happen. Reach out to me if you know anyone, or you can find out more details on Salata's official website.

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