I used to wait all week for Saturday Night Live. I'd schedule around it, I'd quote it and I wouldn't miss it for the world.  I watched from season one all the way through the year before last and then two things happened:  Kristen Wiig and the DVR.  Others hail her as a comedic genius but I found Wiig to be so annoying I switched over to DVRing the episodes and skipping through her parts.


Somewhere along the way, I just quit DVRing SNL as well.  It just seems that if they have a funny moment or two, it's going to hit the internet and catch up with me soon enough.

I was kind of surprised that the show started this past weekend.  I really intended to tune in to see the show without Wiig (but also without Andy Samberg who I DO like).  I think I'm letting my Marvel Superheros and Command and Conquer obsessions overrule my t.v. at this time so I just flat missed it.  Anyways, I skimmed a few skits at the web site and this is one of the few that I thought stuck out.  I hope you enjoy it because I had to watch five feminine protection commercials to see it.  Check out the video for "Clint Eastwood & Chair".

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