D.V.R.s and Saturday night live were made for each other.  You can skip the slow parts (and for me ANYTHING with Kristen Wiig).  Well, this week there was a LOT to skip.  Guest host Katy Perry added pretty much nothing to this week proceedings. Perry appeared in relatively few skits, and in my opinion, only one of the funny (okay, one and a half).  Details and videos after the jump.

The other thing that aggravated me about this weeks program was the musical guest.  The artist "Robyn" came out with a cool stage setup and did some somersaults and dancing will lip synching.  Jeez, if you want to do something impressive: TRY SINGING.

Getting all the bitching out of the way, I think there were three skits that were worth your time, and two of them were precorded?!?!

Let's hope they finish up the season next week strong with guest host Jimmy Fallon.

So there you go, less than ten minutes to sum up the whole of Saturday night live. Stephon was on the Weekend Update segment, along with a little bit with Alec Baldwin making fun of himself for getting kicked off a plane, but other than that, it was "been there, done that" or just not really funny. I just saved you about 80 minutes. You could watch an entire movie in the time it took for SNL to broadcast filler.

p.s. Yes I got that screen crap that showed Katy Perry's awesome cleavage on purpose. You're welcome.