I understand that some of you haven't been to a show in a while, but be careful out there.

I saw more than a few people on my Facebook page complaining about the cost of Metallica tickets before they went on sale. What was funny about this was, at that time the prices hadn't even been revealed. Some of these people had already started bashing the band and started refusing to go.

The problem is these "third-party ticket sellers." You see, if you run a somewhat professional service, you get to call yourself a "third-party ticket seller," while individuals who do it are just "scalpers." It's BS, and it ruins the game for everyone.

Well, they are getting more clever than ever. I tried Googling the Select-a-Seat link, and these are the first three results:


Now, despite what any of these say, they are not the official ticket sellers, and in the case of the first one, it's not associated with our United Supermarkets Arena. You just have to read the fine print:


Guys, don't get ripped off. Listen to our radio station and look for the real links (here's the real Select-a-Seat for Lubbock). It's not right that some folks feel like their favorite band is screwing them with huge overcharges when that's not the case.

Good luck, and see you at the shows!

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