Shaquille O'Neal returned to his Texas stomping grounds this weekend for a show at the Texas Tech football tailgate known as Raider Alley. The show was amazing, and Texas Tech knocked it out of the park by booking DJ Diesel. It really was a stroke of genius. Whomever booked the show should get a bonus or a raise.

Shaq's first-ever trip to Lubbock, Texas was seemingly a positive one for him, too. His DJ Diesel Twitter handle put out a cinematic recap of the show and it's incredible. The crowd is the best crowd I've seen at a Lubbock event in a while, obviously since the COVID-19 reduction in ticket sales and otherwise.

What I truly hope happens is that Shaq goes on and talks to as many celebrities, DJs and people with clout and tells them what a great opportunity it was to have a show at Texas Tech University, or, as Texas Tech says in honor of the Kingsbury Era, Too Turnt University.

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Texas Tech's cinematic recap was pretty fun, too.

Just look at that crowd! The drone shot is awesome, and the way Shaq had the crowd whipped into a lather was just a sight to behold. The real question is who else is coming to Lubbock the rest of the year? We already know Waka Flocka Flame will be here this weekend, which is a natural fit with this song "TTU (Too Turnt Up)," which Mr. Flame features on.

Shaquille O'Neal Performs Live DJ Set in Lubbock, Texas

DJ Diesel helps Lubbock get lit before the Texas Tech-Stephen F. Austin game on September 11th, 2021. The basketball legend DJ'd at the Engineering Key on Texas Tech University campus.

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