Dog owners know the struggle of trying to keep their pet safe despite them making life-threatening decisions. No matter how smart you think your dog is, it is almost guaranteed that they will do something so stupid and not know that they could have killed themselves by doing it.

Most of these instances include running into things or and even clothes-lining themselves on a leash. While these can be extremely scary moments for the owner, most dogs walk away from those events perfectly fine. However, there are some things dogs do that owners do everything they can to avoid. The biggest one being the temptation to jump out of windows. Whether it’s a moving car or a window in your home, some dogs decide that they want to test their ability to fly.

That is exactly what happened when this puppy took a dive out of a window that was at least one story off the ground. A video was reposted on TikTok and now has 3.5 million views and over 600 thousand likes. In the video, you see a woman and a man standing by each other when suddenly the woman notices something above them. She starts running and just as she makes it to where she’s going, she manages to catch the dog that had jumped out of a window.

I can’t even imagine how scary that must have been to witness. Thank goodness that woman was there to catch the dog and save it from seriously injuring itself, or worse. I’m sure the dog’s owner was also incredibly thankful for the woman saving their pet and they probably won’t be keeping that window open anymore.

Take this as a reminder to always keep an eye on your pet, especially if there is some way they can be putting themselves at risk. You never know when your dog will make a dumb decision that will forever impact both of your lives.

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