Many restaurants have been understaffed ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started. While most customers understand this and recognize how hard their servers are working, others don't.

Thomas Biddle, a student at Huntington University in Indiana, recently went viral for the video he caught of a customer going off at an IHOP employee. Biddle was sitting at the table next to the temperamental customer, so when the conflict began to escalate he decided to film the interaction. While I'm sure he was expecting to get good content out of it, I don't think anyone expected the disgruntled customer to behave the way he did.

Unfortunately, we don't have footage of how the conversation started so we can't be sure of what was said to start the conflict. However, we do hear the man say something about how the restaurant isn't busy because not every table is full, to which the employee explains that they only have three servers working at that time. The employee then states that the customer is free to leave and go somewhere else for food and suggests that this is his only option considering IHOP is a 24-hour establishment, and it appears to be dark outside.

The customer isn't happy with that answer, loudly stating that he won't be paying for a meal before the employee tells him to leave. That only angers that man further, leading his tantrum to a new level when he smashes his glass on the ground. It's completely inconsiderate of the patrons around him who he could have injured with the shattered glass. Thankfully, a police officer was there to escort the man out of the IHOP before he could cause any more damage.

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The rest of the customers begin to check in with each other, shocked about what they just witnessed while trying to enjoy their meals. Biddle then turns the camera to himself and his shocked friends he was eating with, saying "drama at IHOP" before ending the video.

I will never understand why people think it's okay to act like that. I can imagine everyone else in the establishment was receiving the same service as that man and while they were understanding of the limited staff, that customer decided to throw a tantrum and get himself in trouble.

Take this as a reminder to treat your servers with kindness, because you never know what kind of customers they’re dealing with.

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