With the release of their latest album Archangel less than a week away, Soulfly have unveiled the title track that you can listen to above. It's vintage Soulfly with memorable riffs from guitarist Marc Rizzo and Max Cavalera's unmistakable growls.

In a recent interview, Cavalera talked about the new album. "It’s been exciting. After 30 years of playing metal, to find new influences and new things to inspire you -- it is actually quite amazing," Cavalera says. "I found it in some biblical stuff, it is the inspiration for the majority of the record and I think it’s very exotic and mystic."

He continues, "I’ve never quite done a record like this before so for me it was a project that took a long time to get done right, but now it’s all finished with the cover and the sounds and the effects between the songs, the voices, I’m pretty proud of it. I think it’s quite a cool record to put out and I think a lot of people are going to like it."

Cavalera also talked about his varied musical tastes, saying, "I listen mostly to metal, but in my curiosity I do also check out dub, electronic music, even country, check out some old country guys. It’s pretty cool, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Hank Williams, those old guys are classics. I also love a lot of punk rock, I love Black Flag, Discharge, Misfits – all that great punk rock stuff!"

Soulfly’s “We Sold Our Souls to Metal” tour with SoilworkDecapitated and Shattered Sun begins Sept. 30 in Los Angeles. Soulfly are currently in Europe playing various shows and festivals. For all their dates, go here. Meanwhile, the band's Archangel album, due this Friday (Aug. 14), is available for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon and in various packages at the Nuclear Blast merch site.

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