Comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes is touring Texas this month and says she's absolutely loving it. She was in Lubbock on June 11th, but also hit up Midland, Austin and Corpus Christi.

In all of these Texas shows, and I'm assuming all the shows she has, she puts local salsa on her green room rider.

Luckily for her, somebody at the Buddy Holly Hall knows what's up and got Kylito's Salsa for her and her crew in the green room. Now, I don't know if the green room also had United Supermarkets deli chips, but Kylito's Salsa go great with them. Heck, that salsa's bussin' on a slice of cardboard.

Johnson-Reyes gave the salsa a 7.8, while her buddy gives it a 7.5, calling it, "elevated white people salsa," which I'm taking as a compliment for Kylito's.

Kylito's was first served in a restaurant in Slaton, Texas back in 2001. When the restaurant shut down, Kyle, the originator and namesake, was bombarded with requests to keep making the salsa. His hobby eventually turned into a full-blown family business.

I'm a long-time Kylito's salsa lover and have even dared to try ghost pepper salsa, which I eventually dumped into a pot of chili. My go-to is the chunky garlic, which I put on my scrambled eggs nearly every morning. I also put it on pretty much everything, or as Kylito's says, "coma Kylito's en todo!"

Now excuse me while I pour a jar of roasted green chile on a pork butt and cook it for six hours.

Watch Johnson-Reyes' try the salsa on her TikTok:

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