There is no doubt we are living in scary times.

As we check our Facebook's these days (from the comfort of our homes) we are bombarded with people who are angry about all kinds of silly things.

What we seem to be forgetting is while we sit in the comfort of our homes, there are men and women serving in our nations military to give us those rights.

If you think about it, we really have no business complaining.

There are men and women who have and are who currently fighting for our freedom and our rights, people who may not agree with the what’s going on in the world, but they don't have time to complain, why, because they have a job to do which is to protect us as a nation and our freedom.

Looking at it from that point of view, I begin to realize, what’s important right now is that we come together.

Support and honor the men and women who have answered the call that allows us to complain about how bad we have it.

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