In what we’d like to believe is a reaction to Tekken makers’ subtle smack-talk, but in reality is probably just a coincidence, Capcom has issued a free update for Street Fighter X Tekken. Pop the disc in your Xbox 360 or PS3, and a quick download later you’ll have a better game.

The update adds a replay analyzer and a ton of free gems, which are in-fight assists that enhance your fighters’ capabilities. Each set of gems you apply to your teams change the complexion of your bouts, adding a garage-tinkering dimension to the game.

It’s nice to see that Capcom, which has come under fire for charging for stuff that’s already on the disc, still has it in its heart to dish out some free stuff to loyal players. Moves like that keep players interested, grab the attention of new ones and keep the community thriving — something that’s all-important for an online-focused fighter like Street Fighter X Tekken.

[Via Capcom Unity]