Meet Anomaly, a SuicideGirl who isn’t into liars, loves Michael Borges and can’t live without her dog. 

Name: Anomaly

Age: 20

Location: Florida

Occupation: Student.

Current crush: Michael Borges.

Sign: Libra

Into: Tattoos and piercings.

Not into: Liars.

Makes me happy: Food and Jack Skellington.

Hobbies: Getting tattooed

5 things I can’t live without: My dad, mom, sister, phone & my dog.


1. Underoath
2. Sleeping with Sirens
3. A Day to Remember
4. Parkway Drive
5. Of Machines
6. Deftones
7. Bring Me the Horizon
8. Woe is Me
9. A Mice of Men
10. A Skylit Drive


1. Hangover
2. I Love You Man
3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall
4. Conviction
5. Jackass 3D
6. Due Date
7. Pineapple Express
8. Sherlock Holmes
9. The Proposal
10. Role Models

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