Meet Perry, a SuicideGirl who thinks fitted hats are hot, loves Mexican food and has a pitbull named Scarlett Johansson.

Name: Perry

Age: 22

Location: New Jersey

Current crush: Seth MacFarlane

Gets me hot: Tattoos & fitted hats.

Sign: Cancer

My status: Single.

Makes me happy: My friends, going to shows, blunts, sex, mexican food, big waves, baby animals, family guy, sleeping in, rollercoasters, sunny days and my pitbull Scarlett Johansson.

Makes me sad: Animal cruelty, when people I love are hurt and going to class.

TV shows:

  1. Family Guy
  2. The Golden Girls
  3. Law & Order SVU
  4. Intervention
  5. Jersey Shore
  6. Wayans Bros

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