Cochrane switched sides on the vote, because otherwise his personal fate would have been decided by drawing rocks and he didn't like the odds. In my opinion it was the correct move, but his former tribe-mates are MAD!  That vote sent Keith to redemption island, he will be given an opportunity to come back later. Read more after the break.

Cochrane was quickly adopted by his former foes.  The show has quickly moved to a challenge (the previews say tonight is going to be a double eviction show.  Jim, a member of Ozzy's alliance was the winner.  It's looking like Ozzy will be sacrificed tonight.

Jim has come up with a plan.  He wants to give Ozzy the immunity necklace tonight after throwing Cochrane under the bus verbally.  We'll see if he follows through.

Jim totally wussed out and kept his necklace.  Ozzy gets kicked to the curb.  Ozzy will now go to Redemption Island.

It's time for another immunity challenge. The survivors are given the option of sitting out the challenge and enjoying a feast.  All of Coach's crew plus Cochrane choose to feast while the three former members of Ozzy's tribe are competing for immunity.  Jim was the first out of the challenge (he will no doubt be voted out tonight). Dawn was the next to drop out; Whitney has immunity.

The vote appears to be between Dawn and Jim. People are little concerned that Dawn is a little too likable and might sneak through if they don't get rid of her now.

Jim was voted out. This means three strong males from Ozzy's tribe, including Ozzy, are all on Redemption Island.  When they battle it's going to be really interesting.

Coming up next week: Albert may turn against Coach.





Here's last weeks wrap up:

Ozzy arrived at Redemption Islands and told Christine that he was there due to Cochran. He, of course, was there of his own volition in hopes of beating Christine and getting back in the game. All of this was a setup in case of a merge. The biggest problem is that the opposing team doesn't buy Ozzy's story. The winner of today's challenge DOES get to go back in the game. And the winner is>>>Ozzy. So part of his plan worked, we'll see about the rest.

The tribes DID merge at the end of the challenge. Plans are now for Cochran to work as a "double agent" and for Ozzy as a disgruntled tribe member.

Cochran tried to work Coach, but Coach guessed every single move and lie that he was fed, almost as if he was psychic. It was amazingly weird, and Coach tried to put the Jedi mind-f@ck on Cochran.

C ochran is now considering jumping ship and really joining with Coach's crew. It appears that Dawn (the older mom type) may join him because of the way the rest of the tribe treated him earlier.

It's immunity challenge time. One man and one woman will each win immunity. The challenge is to hold a coconut with a rope device while balancing on a small stick (it's actually a deceptively hard challenge). Dawn won immunity for the women. Ozzy won for the men.

Cochran continues to consider a flip; Dawn has now reconsidered. It may end up a tie with a "rocks from a bag" tiebreaker.

It's vote time at tribal. Six members from each of the former tribes are represented. On the first vote it was a time between Keith and the Cowboy, on the second vote Cochran flipped and helped voted Keith out.

One of Cochran's team mates called him a coward and Brandon Hantz immediately protected him. It looks like Cochran will officially be on the other side for good.

Next week: Cochran's former team mates continue to hate.


Here's last weeks wrap up:

The tribe is starting to worry about Brandon's outbursts at tribal council. Both teams are even, which means a merge could happen at anytime and they don't want him spilling the beans on any alliances to the former opposition members. This is basically the setup to this weeks episode. Read more after the jump.

Mikela was sent to Redemption Island to face Christine. Christine took an early lead, Mikela caught up then blew it. This is kind of crazy because Mikela was a tall young athlete while Christine is an older lady who early on didn't seem to have too much on the ball. She has now won for the fifth time.

Ozzy is planning a REALLY stupid move. He's considering having himself voted out so he can beat Christine at Redemption Island then come back. Meanwhile on Coach's tribe everyone is looking for the idol, but Coach already has it. Coach then pretended to find it all over again in order to pump his tribe up, somehow making it a "tribe" thing.

This weeks challenge is tribe members tied together who have to be verbally coached through an obstacle course. These type of challenges always seem to tick someone off. In addition to immunity, the tribe will win a sneak preview of the new Adam Sandler film. Ozzy's team lost a lead due to a rope tangle, then Coach's team blew their lead by not finding a puzzle bag. This is a big time back and forth fight. Coach's team won. It's going to be crazy on Ozzy's tribe, the question is whether they are going to blame the nerdy Cochrane for messing up the ropes, or whether Ozzy will fall on his sword.

Ozzy's team decided back at camp that Cochrane blew the challenge and that he would have to go to Redemption Island to redeem himself, they then tried to pump him up so that he could win against Christine. Ozzy then had a dream that he SHOULD go to Redemption Island and fight his way back into the game. It's a very dangerous move, but if the teams merged with things the way they are, they would be on the wrong side of the numbers. If Ozzy did win, and came back into the game it would even up the numbers. If the teams don't merge, they would have to play without Ozzy and they would be in even worse shape. Ozzy was indeed voted out and will try to get back into the game at Redemption Island.

Next week: Will Cochrane stay loyal to Ozzy?

Here's last weeks blog.

We are getting to the 'meat and potatoes' of Survivor, which means "sh@t is falling apart". It's getting closer to the merge and people are freaking out.

Upon returning to camp, Ozzy expressed how mad he was to the tribe that his friend was blindsided. He then proclaimed himself a "free agent" and that he was playing alone. He also revealed that he was holding the idol. Everyone on the tribe is getting tired of Ozzy's bad attitude.

Over on Coach's tribe they're eating good with rewards from the last challenge. Coach has the idol but he's letting Brandon (Hantz) look all over for it.

On Redemption Island the new arrival Elyse took on Christine to see who still had a chance to get back in the game. It's a shuffleboard type game. Christine, although breaking down, won her fourth challenge on Redemption Island.

Coach started a little "sub-alliance" with Edna, meanwhile Ozzy is trying to repair some of the damage he did by reaming his tribe out.

It's challenge/reward time. The tribes will gather coconuts then slingshot them at targets. The reward is a nice picnic lunch at a waterfall. Edna sits out for Ozzy's team. Coach's team blew a huge, huge lead in the challenge and it looks like they'll place the blame on Mikayla. Now the scrambling begins.

The rest of Coach's tribe wants Edna gone, but Coach believes Mikayla is uncoachable. Even Brandon wants Edna gone, but he promised to keep her and plans to stick by his word. It looks like the tribe is split. The cowboy will cast the deciding vote. And YEAH! The cowboy stuck by Coach and Mikayla was voted out. She'll now head to Redemption Island. I expect she'll do real well there.

Next week: It seems Ozzy is volunteering to go to Redemption Island. Meanwhile Coach is trying to bring his tribe together and may be ready to sacrifice the Hantz boy because he's just too unpredictable.


Here's last weeks blog

Survivor week five is here and stuff is shaking out. I especially love it at this point in the game. Once you've lost 3-4 players it's easier to keep up with everybody and plot strategy.
Over on redemption island Christine and Stacy played to see who stayed in the game. It's a pretty cool ball rollercoaster, they have to put a ball in the coaster every once in a while, catch 'em and put 'em back in. In a surprise Christine came out a winner. I still don't think these are the type of "impact" players that will make it back. Get the rest of this weeks recap after the jump.

Prior to playing in the Redemption Island challenge Stacy went off on how Coach was running the show on her former tribe, essentially giving the opposing team some ammo to use later. Stacy's verbal diarrhea set off some scrambling on both sides.

On Ozzie's tribe Cochran (the uber-nerd) keeps stepping up his game and other players are starting to question Ozzies value. Ozzie then went out and speared eleven fish.

On Coach's tribe, Coach began a search for the immunity idol and bam! He's got it. Now both team leaders are holding an idol.

It's challenge/reward time. It's kind of a gross challenge with the guys biting hunks of meat off a roasted pig and spitting it in a basket that will be weighed in ten minutes. Coach's team won by a mere two ounces (pretty amazing considering the final was 22 pounds 14 ounces to 22 pounds 12 ounces). The winners got to keep the meat in addition to winning vegetables and spices. Ozzies team will now have to vote a player off.

Ozzie wants everyone to vote Cochran off, the other players want to break up the mini-alliance of Ozzie and Elyse. It looks like this move is going to split the tribe down the middle no matter what. Elyse was voted out in a 3/2/2 vote. The vote was all over the board because two players didn't want to double cross Ozzie, but did want to still lose Elyse. It was a VERY BAD move in my opinion because now two groups of people will now no longer trust them.

The teaser for next week showed Ozzie saying he was splitting off on his own from the tribe (STUPID). It also showed his tribe sucking big time in the challenge. Were it not for the fact that he has the idol, I'd say next week would be Ozzies last week.

Here's the week four blog.

Survivor week four. "He's got Hantz in his pants and he needs to dance."

The episode started with Ozzie's tribe plotting against each other. A couple have teamed up to oust "Elyse" a girl they suspect may be a little too close to their leader.

Back on Coach's team, Brandon Hantz continues his moral teeter-totter. He's even confessed his alliance (jeez, why even come on Survivor)

This weeks immunity/reward challenge gives the winner one rooster and two hens. The challenge has two men and one women in a weight bearing challenge. The twist is, the other tribe decides who gets the wait. Ozzie's team was the first to loose a player. In a surprise, Albert (Coach's team) dropped out. Jim and Brandon both drop out leaving one female member from each team to decide the challenge. Ozzie's team ended up winning the challenge with a heroic effort on the part of Dawn (the oldest female-top center the picture). Coach's team must now decide who will go to Redemption Island.

It looks like Edna (an annoying Asian Girl) will be the pick for the tribe. Stacey, the older African-American woman may have saved herself by being the last from the team in the challenge (even though they lost). Brandon started freaking out again, he may be a wild card for elimination tonight.

Stacy was eliminated. Should probably would have been fine but tried to play the end game too hard. She's now off to Redemption Island, and she is mad. She could be a threat to come back.

Not much of a tease for next week, other than they will be passing meat mouth to mouth in the challenge.
As per usual, the weeks episode started with a battle on Redemption Island. It's no big whoop at this point. Papa Bear (Big Gay Al-and I mean that in the nicest way possible)lost to Christine. It's was no big surprise and doesn't seem to have any real effect on the game, neither could come back and be a big contender.

Here's last weeks blog:

Welcome to week three. This week on Survivor will bring us the first "Battle Of Redemption Island". It should also bring repercussions against Brandon for lying last week (and revealing it at tribal council.

Semhar battled Christine at Redemption Island. Coach and Ozzy were both able to witness the duel with one other member of their respective teams. The two players competed in a balance game, but not before Semhar did a little "spoken word" to "calm herself"-Jeff seemed a littled frustrated waiting on her. Semhar lost her balance and we are glad to have her gone.

Brandon went ahead and told the rest of the tribe that he was Russell Hantz's nephew. Claiming he'd rather make friends than win a million dollars and he wanted to "come clean".

Over in Ozzy's camp, Ozzy decided he had to tell someone he had the idol so he told Keith. Keith immediately told one of the girls. So much for Keith being trustworthy.

Back over with Coach, Brandon is freaking people out with his outbursts then apologies (he has a habit of acting like and assh@le then feeling guilty) and Coach is worried that it might be fracturing his tribe and/or alliance.

It's challenge time. It's combined with a reward of coffee, tea and whatnot. It's a complicated challenged that looks like it should tilt things Ozzy's way. Ozzy had a couple of minor snafus, but the teams were even at the halfway point in the competition. Coach's team won, and it looks like Ozzy's team is going to make him the goat, even though he doesn't really deserve it.

It looks like Ozzy's team is leaning toward "Papa Bear". "Papa Bear" is a gay former New York City cop but he hasn't really clicked with anyone and may be a little past his prime. Papa Bear is going to try to the fake idol gambit, not knowing the Ozzy already has the idol.

It's tribal council time and as predicted Big Gay Al, I mean Papa Bear was voted out.

Next week-Cochran (the uber-nerd) and Brandon stir things up on their respective tribes.

Here's last weeks blog.

You didn't miss anything, I forgot to put up a blog for week 1. It's always a little tough to keep the players straight in the early weeks anyways. So, since Survivor is in my top 2 shows, I thought I'd start capsulizing the episodes for you. Read more after the break.

The "Redemption Island" theme continues this season (there are two "seasons" per year). Not only do survivors who are voted out given a second chance to re-enter the game, once again two vets were brought in as team captains. The vets are "Ozzy" who is one of the winning-est players in challenges and "Coach" who was known for his eccentric behavior and wild stories that may or may not be true.

After the teams were assigned those that got "Coach" were clearly disappointed. Then it looked like things were going to go Ozzy's way with a quick reward challenge win. Things changed when things when everybody went back to camp. Ozzy took a real hippie-ish "let's blow of the work and just bond approach" while Coach helped everybody learn the ropes on building a camp. Simply put, "Coach" became a teacher while Ozzy failed to step up and lead. This resulted in Coach's team winning the first immunity challenge and Ozzy's team having to vote the first person out.

Now here we are in week two and one of the tiny subplots we're dealing with is, one of the members of Coaches team is the nephew of famous Survivor villain Russell Hantz. He's been hiding tattoos two tattoos with the family name on him and it's killing him. The other Survivors know he's hiding something, but they don't know what. He's now confided in Coach as to his identity. There's also something weird about the kid; he's a born again Christian who's convinced that one of the young girls is a "temptress" and must be voted out (uh, just don't look at her if she makes you horny dude)

Ozzy found his tribes hidden immunity idol, the other tribe still hasn't found theirs. Going into the immunity/luxury competition (combined) Coach's team blew a huge lead and Ozzy's team won. Ozzy's bunch now has blankets, a hammock and other comforts while Coach's team now must vote someone out.

After a weird tribal council that led to Russell's nephew confessing a big lie, Christine was voted out (she had been caught looking for, but not finding the immunity idol), but Mr Hantz probably won't last long after exposing himself.

The preview for next weeks edition is leading to believe it that Ozzy will blow it big time.

Survivor is Wednesday nights at 7!

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