I am soooo ready for a new season of Survivor.  This time the men and women live on the same beach but are separate tribes.  This ought to ratchet up the paranoia about one million percent. Adding to that is a new twist with the immunity idol(s).  More after the jump.


The way the immunity idols are used is really different this season. There are two, one for each tribe, but the deal is, if you discover an idol, you have to give it to a member of the opposing tribe.

Sorry to say that I'm not going to blog the results anymore.  It's not that I'm not into it, the problem is that I'm too into it and blogging while it's on kills the vibe of the show for me.  If there's something major that goes down or if I feel I need to "catch people up" on my favorite t.v. show then I'll drop you a couple lines.

It does look like there's a heaping helping of hotties this season.  Check out the cast video:

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