greg abbott

Abbott Issues New Executive Order, Bans COVID Restrictions
Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued new executive orders on Thursday as a continued response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Cases and hospitalizations are on the rise throughout Texas. Nationally, the Centers for Dieses Control and Prevention have recommended mask wearing even for those who have been va…
Texas Lawmakers & Teacher Groups Want Mask Mandates Back
If you thought the debate over mask mandates in Texas was over, think again. School is about to begin in Texas and some lawmakers and teacher's groups are wanting Texas Governor Greg Abbott to reverse his ban on schools putting mask mandates into place for students and teachers...
Greg Abbott’s Wall Dissected By Popular YouTuber
Beau of the Fifth Column is a very popular YouTube commentator with over half a million subscribers. He's ex-military, and has even worked as a military contractor. It's very interesting to see his take on things.

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