Gun Fight In The Hub City
I am no longer on Facebook. The recent fighting over guns was the last straw for me. Twenty little lives snuffed out and everyone wants to use them to make a point for their side. I am in awkward position here because I believe in gun rights, but I don't believe in ammo drums or even 30 round clips.…
The Most Important Thing to Know When Owning a Firearm
For the record, I'm a 'gun' owner (we call them weapons in the Army) and all for gun ownership. I have mixed feelings about all this 'gun control' talk though. However, that's not what I'm writing about right now.
I have 2 simple words everyone should know and live …
It’s Time To Restrict Assault Weapon Sales
I think it’s probably time that we have a discussion about assault weapons in this country. Now before you get your panties in a wad, I said “assault weapons”. I didn’t say guns.  More after the jump.
Why I’m Against Gun Control
I used to be one of those "less guns" guys.  I still think that most disputes should be handled the good old fashioned man-to-man with fists way (when talking it out is no longer an option).  I don't think it takes a "real man" to pull a gun on someone. I think pulling a gun on s…