My hillbilly friend said it best "you can't stop crazy".  It's true, a crazy person looking to hurt others will probably find a way.  I do believe that we can slow the crazy down.  I know that nearly every one reading this grew up around guns and believe in every Americans right to own one. I believe that too.  I just don't believe in massive firepower.  More after the jump.



I believe you should have the right to a nice hunting rifle. I think you should have the right to have a handgun to defend yourself. Seriously though, what do you need a gun that will fire 27 rounds in 30 seconds for (the rate the Bushmaster was fired in the Aurora theater shooting was fired)?  The answer is, you don't.  A lot of minds close at this point with people throwing all common sense and logic to the wind and just saying "IT'S MY RIGHT".  Well, at one time owning slaves was your right.  Rights change and they are modified to fit our needs. The constitution has been amended time and time again, but that's getting the argument off track. Maybe still that's enough for you, then how about the alternative? How about a law that says if you're automatic weapon is used in the commission of a crime, by ANYBODY, you get to go to jail for life.  I think that's pretty fair.  If you want the right to own super fire power then you should accept the responsibility.  Another option might be for the NRA to step up and offer ten million in insurance to owners of high capacity rifles.  Responsible ownership comes with a price. You have to be hyper vigilant.  You can't leave your weapon where it can be stolen or taken by someone for evil. Gun owners themselves have failed at this task.

So to my hillbilly friend I say, you can't stop crazy, but you can slow it down.  A nice snub nosed .38 or a Desert Eagle is more than enough to protect your home from an intruder. If there's enough intruders that you'd need 100 rounds to fend them off, you're probably going to lose anyways.  A stolen or misused .38 would at least give a crowd a chance to escape or take down an assailant, the constant barrage of a high capacity magazine does not.  Everything in life has limits. You can only eat so much. You can only sleep so much. There are limits on certain chemicals you can own. There should be limits on how many you can kill too.  You can't own a grenade launcher, so other weapon limitations are completely acceptable.

Now the wackos out there will say this is the first step in taking all of your guns.  They'll say it's too hard to differentiate between what is and what would be legal.  They'll say they have to have the guns to defend against a tyrannical government.  They will propose more guns until everybody in America is in a virtual "Mexican standoff" at every minute of every day.  I don't follow any of this hyperbole or histrionics. Gun regulations are coming. You can act like a psycho or a baby that's having a sucker taking from it. You could also act like a responsible God fearing human being and say, "if it'll stop the whole scale slaughter of children, then I'll sacrifice just a little'.