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Metallica + Green Day Frontmen Rock Acoustic at Benefit Show
We're used to seeing Metallica rock out live, so it was quite a sight to check out frontman James Hetfield not only without the thunderous backing of his band, but also unplugging for an acoustic benefit. Hetfield was part of an all-star lineup for the 'Acoustic-4-A-Cure benefit at San Francisco's F…
Sammy Hagar and Joe Satriani Might Be Teaming Up For Blues Trio
With an imminent possibility that the band Chickenfoot, which of course includes Satriani, Hagar, and drummer Chad Smith, isn't releasing another album this year due to Smith's busy schedule with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hagar and Satriani might be turning their focus to a new blues trio.
New Joe Satriani Set For Release On May 7th
Joe Satriani's fourteenth studio album "Unstoppable Momentum" will hit stores on May 7th. Satriani teamed with Mike Fraser (worked with AC/DC) to produce the CD at the Bay Area Skywalker Sound Studios.
Summer Songs That Rock (kinda)
This morning on the RockShow we we're lamenting the lack of 'summer' songs (and we don't 'lament' often).  Heathen is of the belief that it's more about the 'vibe', but I wanted songs that spell out the celebration of the season. On the air we conclu…
The Wrecking Yard Salutes Joe Satriani! [VIDEO]
I have tried to come up with a proper introduction for Joe Satriani but I just cant. In my opinion, he is one of the best guitar players in the world, if not the most underestimated. Joe started out his career in guitar around the age of 14...
World’s Largest Guitar Lesson [VIDEO]
Guitarist Steve Vai is attempting a world record for "the worlds largest guitar lesson". Interestingly enough instead of getting Vai to promote himself, Spinal Tap guitarist Nigel Tufnel is doing the promo. Check out the promo, plus some classic live Spinal Tap solos next.
Chickenfoot Back In The Studio [VIDEO]
I wasn't a big fan of the first Chickenfoot album, even though I'm a fan of all the members of the group. I'm hoping they come out with something just a little more modern for their second release. Regardless, the guys are fun to watch joking around in this studio update.
Your Favorite Guitarist? [VIDEO]
Being in radio, I'm always asked about my favorite bands, songs, singers, etc. However, I don't think I've ever been asked who my favorite guitarist is. Well, if I had to pick just one, then I'd have to say my favorite guitarist is....