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Lubbock Police Remind Drivers To Be Aware Of School Zones and Kids
It's back to school time in Lubbock and the surrounding areas and that means driving habits may have to adjust due to school zones, busses, and of course school children walking to and from school. The Lubbock Police Department took to Twitter on Tuesday to remind people to watch out for kids and to make sure we are all doing things to keep kids safe at school...
Local Law Enforcement To Enforce ‘Move Over, Slow Down’ Law
Beginning Tuesday, May 18th Lubbock area law enforcement agencies will join forces to continue enforcing safe driving in and around Lubbock. The Lubbock Police Department along with the Texas Department of Public Safety will partner together to focus on speeding violations and to enforce the failure to move over or slow down when a stationary emergency vehicle, tow truck, or TxDOT vehicle have lig