Bret Micheals Shills For FreeCreditScore
Yes, you read that right. Bret Micheals has taken another chunk of his soul and sold it for a few bucks. Fresh off launching his line of pet clothes for Petsmart, Brett is back with another venture that makes even less sense. Backing up just a bit, the last time I was in Petsmart all of the Bret Mic…
Motley Crue Will Tour with Poison
The Devil has officially run out of ideas on creating concerts. Now he thinks he can pull together a tour of metal/pop with pop/metal and create an apocalypse of suck. Okay, he is succeeding on the "apocalypse of suck" part, I just don't think anyone is going to care.
Queen Movie
It's the great debate. Did you know, or could you tell, Freddie Mercury was gay back in the day?  Check out the debate, then click through for a killer live version of "Bohemian Rhapsody".