As I was driving to the venue last night, I realized that I hadn't been to a live show in quite a good while. I was actually charged to get out and see a seasoned rock band.

Tantric blew in to town last night and they did not disappoint.

Tantric front-man Hugo Ferriera is well-known for putting together a stellar group of musicians when he hits the road, and that's exactly what a fired-up gathering in the 'room of doom' was treated to.

On the road in support of 37 Channels, Tantric plowed through their set that featured a raucous version of 'Mosquita' along with a very entertaining 'Breakdown' (complete with comical crowd participation) to decide just who was the baddest MOFO in Texas.

Have to give a shout out to our local brothers in The Uprising who set the tone for a exceptional night of live music right here in the Hub City.

Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

See for yourself...

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