One Texan is making headlines for their extensive body modifications and the mind-blowing amount of cash they dropped to try and achieve their true self. Tiamat Legion Medusa is a 60-year-old Texan who spent over $83,000 to become a human dragon. Born Richard Hernandez, his journey to his true self began back in his twenties when he had a dream about a snake bite. Medusa told the Daily Mail in the dream the bite turned him into "reptoid" and since then, Medusa has been on a mission to become this version of itself.

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In 1997, Medusa was diagnosed with HIV and decided to shed their human form. Since then, Medusa has undergone several body modifications to become a reptilian. In 2019, Medusa made headlines as the "Dragon Lady" but now identifies as gender fluid and prefers to be known as Legion the Dragon. Some of the body modifications Legion has undergone include extensive tattooing, "horns" implanted on the head, teeth removal,  rhinoplasty to make their nose more reptilian, and more.

The non-binary reptilian also has plans to remove the rest of their teeth in the near future. Last month, Medusa announced they were getting closer to a retirement age and would stop performing to live a more private life:

"I will no longer be doing any performing except maybe doing it selectively for private parties and such. Going forward I'm no longer going to use my YouTube channel for anything but showcasing my artwork and I will be taking down all my other videos as I am no longer interested in being a public figure and spokesperson for the modified community."

You can see more videos of Legion the Dragon on their Instagram page and Youtube channel.

Youtube User Legion The Dragon
Youtube User Legion The Dragon

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