I just hope that Duff man makes an appearance, 'OH YEAH!'

The bar that I have literally grown up with is coming to life for the next couple of days. Over in Austin, Nickel City has transformed into Moe's Tavern from 'The Simpsons'. They didn't just throw up the facade for this Halloween. They have a drink menu as well.

Some of Moe's favorites will be served the next few days. Like the world famous Flaming Moe, without the Krusty Brand cough syrup. This version features Hendrick’s Gin, lime, Mexican grape soda, Stolen Overproof Rum, and fire, of course. If you want a good old fashioned Duff, that is on the menu as well.

Hopefully, that stupid Shelbyville beer Fudd doesn't make its way into this place or the red tick beer, which always tastes like wet dog to me. The bar will also have squishies, which were sold at the Kwik-E-Mart, but I don't care. Krusty Burgers will also be served to wash down all these delicious 'Simpsons' drinks. Keep Austin like Springfield should be that citie's new catchphrase.

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