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It's the 1990s. You are 7-8 years old, and the bottle on top of the fridge is staring down out you, the smiling caveman daring you to pull yourself up on the counter and then up onto the fridge. You sit criss-cross-applesauce from atop this dusty perch and gobble down as many Flintstones vitamins as you think you can get away with, because the one-a-day you get is never enough to truly satisfy your craving for that ambiguously fruit/chalk flavor, coupled with a signature medicine-y crunch. This flavor is not only forbidden, it's also sublime.

You totally did this right? Or am I just a freak? A freak with way more Vitamin C than my body could possibly process, thank you. Honestly, I still love the slightly-off flavor of vitamins, although now I get them as gummies.

(Note: It is bad to eat too many vitamins. Some of them are not water-soluble and can accumulate and poison you. So yeah, don't do that. I wasn't the smartest 7 year old.)

At least some other kids did this too, because Martin House Brewery, located in Fort Worth, Texas, totally went there with their newest in-house flavor, "Dinosaur Lawnmower." It's these unusual and exciting flavors that make Martin House's fam "a million-strong - and growing!"

Here's how Martin House describes the brew:

Had about thirty different captions in mind for this one, but nothing can do it justice. It’s here. Dinosaur Lawnmower 5.2% - Chewable Fruited Sour with C & B Vitamins. Yep, we did it! Does it have that weird kinda citrus/kinda fruit punch flavor/but not really? Yep! Is it chalky and kinda gross but still good? Yep! Is it real? Yes.

Sadly, this flavor is limited and in-house only, so if you're in Fort Worth, you'd better scoot to go get it if you want it. Luckily, some of Martin House's unique flavors are available outside of Fort Worth, like the perfect-for-summer and oh-so-Texas Best Maid pickle beer. They also have several seasonal sweet varieties made with lactose to give it a desert-y, delicious taste. I really love the Sugar Plum one that comes out around Christmas.

Martin House also features incredibly cool artwork on their cans, and some of those designs are available as merch through their official website.

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