We're always hearing about those wacky, over-the-top gender reveals but this short video is cute, funny and no one was injured making it. A Texas couple has gone viral for their gender reveal video that spoofs the classic 1979 sci-fy movie "Alien."

Aaron and Melissa Rodriguez of Houston, Texas wanted to put a fun spin on the traditional gender reveal idea. Aaron had the idea to to make a funny film spoof to show their friends and family when they announced the sex of their child. The short film cost under $3,000 to make and the couple say that their families loved it! Even Aaron's grandmother loved "REVEALIAN," the name the couple gave their video according to the Daily Mail website.

For the video, the couple decided to spoof the iconic chest-bursting alien scene from the movie. Instead of a terrifying moment of an alien coming out, they had pink confetti- to show the couple is expecting a girl. Turns out Aaron had been planning the elaborate reveal film before his wife was even expecting their first child! They're both videographers and Aaron knew he wanted to do the gender reveal in a big manner. Aaron is a self-proclaimed huge fan of Sigourney Weaver and knew "Alien" would be the perfect film to spoof. His wife Melissa took more time to convince but she jumped on board with the idea in the end. The couple did two versions of the film, one with blue confetti and one with pink. Once the couple learned they were indeed having a girl, he finished editing the pink confetti version. The couple's baby girl is due in March of 2020.

Check out the hilarious video above.

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