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Online dating is incredibly common, and there's nothing wrong with utilizing dating apps to meet people- because meeting people otherwise is really challenging and intimidating. However, since the very beginnings of online dating, there's also been creeps and monsters who used the opportunity to satiate their evil desires.

Harris County
Harris County


One case in particular that immediately comes to mind is the disappearance of a young lady named Joanna Rogers in my hometown of Lubbock, Texas. She went missing for two years before her body was located in a suitcase in our city's landfill. She met her murderer, Rosendo Rodriguez III, after chatting with him online. This was way back in 2004, so this has clearly been a danger for quite some time. Rodriquez has since been executed.

But what if he wasn't dead, and wasn't even in jail? It's terrifying to think of, and unfortunately, there is a Harris County man who is accused of torturing, beating, sexually assaulting, and starving his Bumble date for five days who is currently out on $50,000 bond.

Court documents state that the victim claimed when she arrived at his apartment, Mills attempted to have sex with her, and as soon as she denied the advances, he began to assault her with a closed fist, would not let her leave, and bit her on the neck and face, KRIV reported.

The victim also claimed that she was denied food and water for five days and was sexually assaulted multiple times. Zachary Kent Mills, 21, has been charged with aggravated first-degree kidnapping, but he's not in jail.

Apparently, he is under house arrest and is wearing an ankle monitor, but to me, that just doesn't feel like enough considering the gravity (and depravity) of this man's alleged crimes. His alleged victim got lucky and was able to escape. If she hadn't, she could have easily died. And after she died, who would have been next?

I hope everyone who uses this app takes a moment to let this soak in, and exercise extreme caution when meeting an online date. RAINN.org has some great tips on how to stay safe while dating online.

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