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A Texas school district is being sued by the ACLU over a dress code issue that the ACLU claims in gender-based and caused "irreparable harm" on students that were forced to get haircuts or be suspended from school.

According to the Texas Tribune, Magnolia ISD has a dress code that says boys can't have long hair. The lawsuit states that the students have had long hair for years and that other male students have long hair and nothing has been said about them.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit include six boys and a nonbinary student ages 7-17 from Magnolia Independent School District. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in federal district court Thursday morning, the Magnolia ISD gender-based policy “imposed immense and irreparable harm” on the students, some of whom claim they have worn long hair for years while attending school in the district without any repercussions.

Now, I am someone who believes you follow the rules and students along with parents should know the rules of the dress code. I also don't buy that "irreparable harm" was done to any of the students.

That being said, it is 2021 and I think there are bigger issues plaguing our schools than boys with long hair. Just because some people may not be a fan of the look doesn't mean that it should be banned in schools. And you can't tell me it's a distraction. Have you been to a high school recently? There are distractions all over the place. Long hair on boys is probably one of the least disruptive things happening in a classroom these days.

Schools have every right to determine dress codes, but they should think about what really matters and also realize that we are in 2021.

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