Did you know Texas Tech University offers a special topics course that dives into the study and practices of black magic?

The course features an introduction to the "study and beliefs and practices, past and present, associated with magic, witchcraft, spirituality, magical realism, and religion" which sounds pretty interesting to me.

It almost wants to make me go back to college. I never came across any neat classes like that when I was in school. The topics focus on "interdisciplinary work arising from feminist scholarship" and recent professors include Katy Ballard, Elizabeth Sharp, Leslie Sotomayor, Kristin Alder, Jocelyne Scott, and Deidre Popovich.

I'd like to imagine a Hogwarts-style situation, but the courses are part of a much broader spectrum of Women's & Gender Studies with a focus on WGS Health, Happiness, & Healing.

If you've had trouble convincing your teenager that college is totally rad, you might want to remind them of the plethora of topics available to study at Texas Tech. It's not just boring math and reading courses. I was actually just discussing college with my boyfriend's 15-year-old son the other day, and he was amazed to learn just how many different options he would be able to choose from when he was finished with high school. I think it got him much more excited at the prospect of higher education. Hopefully, he decides to take that route. The possibilities are endless, and learning about things that excite you can really open the doors for your future.

Very cool, Tech!

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