Tailgating for any occassion should be a fun and frivolic activity shared with friends and family, but following Texas Tech's Ag Day game against UTEP, a warning posted to Twitter has sounded an alarm that everyone should hear.

The original post made to Twitter on September 8th reads: "just a psa to all my tech girls: yesterday at the tailgate i was slipped some new synthetic drug in one of my drinks and ended up in the hospital unresponsive. please be careful and always watch out, don’t let the same thing happen to you." 

Having personally logged too much tailgating time to count, this warning hit extremely close to home, especially because it apparently happened on the campus of our beloved Texas Tech University.

The frightening thought that a young woman could begin her afternoon enjoying a cold beverage amongst friends and end it unresponsive in a hospital emergency room is the stuff of nightmares not only for students, but also for parents of students from out of town.

This warning is also something that should be heard by men -- not only for their own safety, but to be sure they are armed with the ability to be vigilant in looking out for their female friends during tailgating festivities.

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